Travel // The one with the trip to Umbria

Don’t you just love it when you get a bargain? In our family, it’s like we have some sort of gene meaning we are extra special when it comes to hunting out good deals. In fact, when we were kids my sister used to call my dad’s mother “Reduced Nanny” which makes me chuckle to thinkContinue reading “Travel // The one with the trip to Umbria”

Recipes // The one with the pumpkin muffins

Autumn feels like it’s been a long time coming this year and even now that it’s been overcast and rainy for the last couple of days, it is still not cold enough for chunky knits. But I think I’ve waited long enough for baking with pumpkin especially as I’ve also managed to hunt down someContinue reading “Recipes // The one with the pumpkin muffins”

Travel // The one with the day trip to San Marino

When we came back from San Francisco I promised my husband I wouldn’t book another holiday for a while. Cut to May and my aunt, who lives in South Africa, messaged me to say they were planning on coming over to Europe to go skiing and would we like to meet then in Geneva. We don’tContinue reading “Travel // The one with the day trip to San Marino”

London // The one with the walk around Notting Hill

Part of the reason I started a blog was as a way of documenting some of the things I get up to.  I love to take photos wherever I go and rather than bore everyone on Instagram with hundreds of them, I’ll be doing more posts as a bit of a photo diary so IContinue reading “London // The one with the walk around Notting Hill”

Recipes // The one with the blueberry muffins

I have a confession. I hate muffins. Well, that’s not entirely accurate, I hate shop bought muffins. Especially the blueberry ones. I’m not crazy about how heavy the cake is, how synthetic the blueberry taste is or how overwhelming sweet they can be. For years I didn’t eat muffins because I’d resigned them to aContinue reading “Recipes // The one with the blueberry muffins”

London // The one with the flower market

As far as bank holiday weekends go we’ve been having a pretty amazing one weather-wise. For those of my readers not from Blighty, over here in the UK we do not get lucky on holiday weekends. It’s tradition for it to rain but not this weekend! So we decided to make the most of itContinue reading “London // The one with the flower market”

Travel // The one with the trip to San Francisco

So this is my first travel blog post since I started writing! I’m not sure what you’ll be interested in reading but I’d love any feedback you have in the comments below. I’m just going to cover some of my favourite parts of the trip with a few tips along the way. You might wantContinue reading “Travel // The one with the trip to San Francisco”

Christmas // The one with the baubles

Christmas 2017 wasn’t my best Christmas. I did have a lovely time off work with family and pre-16 December I was having a jolly old time clinking glasses at parties and stuffing my face with festive treats. But then along came the flu. I honestly thought at one point I was at death’s door. ThreeContinue reading “Christmas // The one with the baubles”

Christmas // The one with the Christmas wreath

If you’ve been reading my posts, you’ll know I love Christmas. I love everything about it. From the cosy nights in with twinkly lights on the tree, to the parties and lunchtime drinks with my work pals, to all the yummy treats and goodies that are on constant supply. But one of the things thatContinue reading “Christmas // The one with the Christmas wreath”

Recipes // The one with the sausage rolls

I hate sausage rolls. Said no one ever. Well, no meat eater anyway. I love them – what’s not to love? Flaky, buttery pastry and succulent pork sausage meat. Ok, so the “traditional” sausage roll might not always be both of those things and I don’t think anyone ever described the meat in a GreggsContinue reading “Recipes // The one with the sausage rolls”