Peony Farm Visit

Things are weird at the moment, I think you’ll agree. For those of us lucky enough to have stayed healthy during this pandemic, we’ve been affected in a different way with everything up in the air and a lot of plans we’ve made having to change. Well, last week, we were meant to be inContinue reading “Peony Farm Visit”

Allotment // The Big Dig 2019

Yesterday (9th November) we dug up the dahlias. The frost came earlier this year than last but it inevitably comes and that means it’s time to put them to bed for winter. I wrapped up warm including a thermal and normal vest plus hiking socks and furry liners in my wellies and headed down thereContinue reading “Allotment // The Big Dig 2019”

Allotment // October Update

October was a great month down at the allotment, despite the drop in temperature! It was definitely the start of the seasons changing but it was also a month full of flowers. The dinner plates really loved the cooler temps and were at their blooming best. Penhill Watermelon which I wasn’t a fan of earlierContinue reading “Allotment // October Update”

Makes // Sustainable Floristry Workshop with Wolves Lane Flower Company

A couple of weeks ago I went to a workshop with Wolves Lane Flower Company at the Garden Museum to learn sustainable floristry. I’d never heard of the Garden Museum before and it was such a lovely place, right next to Lambeth Palace on the other side of the river to the Houses of Parliament.Continue reading “Makes // Sustainable Floristry Workshop with Wolves Lane Flower Company”

Allotment // Overwintering Dahlias

One of the questions I’m asked the most at the moment is, “what should I do with my dahlias over the winter months”, aka To Dig Or Not To Dig. Everyone knows that you have to do something with them but which is best. Well, I don’t think there is necessarily a best way soContinue reading “Allotment // Overwintering Dahlias”

Travel // The one with the mini trip to Scotland

For those of you that know me, you’ll know my husband is proudly Glaswegian and his parents still live up there. We haven’t been to visit for a while so we decided to make a trip up over the August Bank Holiday. It was only a short break but we decided to pack in asContinue reading “Travel // The one with the mini trip to Scotland”