Allotment // October Update

October was a great month down at the allotment, despite the drop in temperature! It was definitely the start of the seasons changing but it was also a month full of flowers. The dinner plates really loved the cooler temps and were at their blooming best. Penhill Watermelon which I wasn’t a fan of earlier in the season suddenly became the most perfect pink flower with golden tips, and the plant that I propagated from the main PW finally bloomed too. In the first couple of weeks of the month I was still picking around 30 flowers a day which I couldn’t believe. I had so many I was able to share them with friends in our village and at work which was lovely. I’m thinking of doing some regular jam jar flowers for friends next year because I don’t think I appreciated having so many flowers in the house especially when every surface was covered in them.

The weeds slowed down a little but and I just gave into the ones that did grow on the basis I knew I’d be digging the dahlias up soon enough.

The raspberries also slowed right down, but we were still eating a few straight from the plants every time we went down there.

There’s not much else to report on so here’s some photos capturing all of October’s beauty.

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