Makes // Sustainable Floristry Workshop with Wolves Lane Flower Company

A couple of weeks ago I went to a workshop with Wolves Lane Flower Company at the Garden Museum to learn sustainable floristry.

I’d never heard of the Garden Museum before and it was such a lovely place, right next to Lambeth Palace on the other side of the river to the Houses of Parliament. It’s built in a deconsecrated church and has the prettiest little garden and a lovely glass restaurant next to it. The restaurant was a lovely little spot and the menu looked delicious. I’d love to go back soon.

The room we had for the workshop was opposite the restaurant on the other side of the garden and was all set up for the workshop when I arrived with pretty flowers everywhere.

The workshop was run by Marianne and Camila who have a micro urban flower farm in North London and are passionate about growing seasonal flowers using an organic and sustainable approach. They began the workshop by telling us about their plot and the types of flowers they grow and how the floristry they create uses as much natural and recyclable material as possible so their beautiful creations aren’t at the expense of the environment.

We were then shown how to create a frame for our arrangement which did not use any of the traditional materials many florists use like oasis which is not biodegradable.

We then set about choosing the foliage and flowers we wanted to use. There was so much to choose from and I would usually just go for light pinks and whites but I tried to go outside of my comfort zone with a few darker colours.

We started by creating a framework of foliage for the flowers to sit in. Camila and Marianne didn’t dictate what kind of arrangement we made but encouraged us to create something we’d like and we all ended up with something so different to each other’s.

Their advice was to start with one big bloom in the middle and try and group the other flowers together around it. In the past I have always used similar colours and tried to make my arrangements very symmetrical and structured but this was a much freer way of putting an arrangement together and I really loved what I ended up with.

I can’t wait til next summer to give this type of arrangement a go with my own flowers. It has really inspired me to pick some darker dahlias for the plot next year and also to grow some other types of blooms like some of dwarf sunflowers.

If you are close to London then I can highly recommend keeping an eye out on Wolves Lane Flower Company’s Instagram page to watch for news of upcoming workshops and for lots of lovely floral inspiration.

Nicole 🌸

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