Allotment // September Update

Ah September, usually one of my favourite months but it felt bittersweet this year with knowing I’d be soon saying goodbye to the allotment.

It was a lovely month for flowers and I had so many every day! September was less work than the rest of the spring/summer and I really enjoyed visiting the allotment every evening. I also tried to relax about the weeds knowing it’d be digging up the tubers soon and they’d be coming up then anyway. So what else happened this month?

  • I picked the last courgette before pulling up the last of the courgette plants. I definitely learnt a lesson with the courgette plants. They are big, bigger than I thought they would be and they produce a lot! I’m not sure if I’m going to grow them again next year as I want to concentrate on growing more flowers but I might try and squeeze a couple in!

  • Lots and lots of raspberries came, and they were sweet and huge! We are tons of them and had so many I made a raspberry and almond cake at least 3 times to use some of them up which was lovely.

  • I also had a lot of french beans. They started to produce like crazy and we made vats of Turkish bean salad.

  • The leeks are going great and I pulled up my first one mid September! I feel a lot of braised leeks coming up in my future.

  • There were still plenty of weeds and I did a fair bit of weeding but I chilled out a bit and didn’t let it stress me as much! But next year I am definitely going to lay some matting and maybe even put some bark down between the beds I’m planning on making.
  • Oh the dahlias, the beautiful dahlias! September was the most floriferous month. Nearly everything bloomed, just the propagated Penhill Watermelon and Belle of Barmera failed to show up but the rest were all flowering like crazy. There were soooo many flowers every day, I could hardly pick them quick enough.

    The light definitely started changing as the nights started drawing in. Gone were the 8.30pm evenings spent picking flowers and raspberries. By the end of the month I was lucky if it was still light at 7pm. I don’t think I’ve even noticed the winter coming as much as I have this year. Having the allotment really has made me much more aware of what Mother Nature is doing.
    One of the month’s best bits was when I entered the village show. It was my first month doing it and I wasn’t expecting to win anything let alone do as well as I did so I was absolutely ecstatic and surprised when I won two firsts and a third for my dahlia entities and a second and a third for two photograph entries. It was so much fun seeing everyone’s entries when it definitely gave me a new found appreciation for the show knowing the effort that goes into setting it all up and all the entries. It’s just a bit of fun really but I did enjoy it and I’ll definitely be entering again next year.

    I tried some propagating some shrub type plants for the first time with hydrangea, lavender, rosemary and sedum. Not sure how it’s going at the moment so will report back later!
    And the last thing to update on is the cosmos! I cannot believe how these just keep on coming. Surely they are the ultimate cut and come again flower. I planted these out at the allotment way back in May when they were tall seedlings and they have done nothing but flower ever since! The more I deadhead them the more they bloom. Also the bees absolutely love them so if there was ever a reason for having cosmos then that is it! I even collected a lot of seed ready for next year and for friends. I’ve already shared some with a couple of the other plot owners.

Well that’s it for September! I’m a bit late posting this and October is already in full swing so I will try to post earlier next month!

Nicole 🌸

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