Makes // The one with the spring wreath

I’ve never made a spring wreath before so when I saw that the lovely Louise (who owns Wild Frost in Ramsey) was running a workshop to make one, I couldn’t sign up quick enough. I’ve done my Christmas wreath with her the last few years so I know how good the sessions are already! As it was a smaller group it was held in the cafe rather than at the 1940s camp where the large festive sessions are.

The workshop was a couple of weeks ago and if you follow me on Instagram you’ve already seen my finished wreath a couple of times but I wanted to do a blog post showing it in the making.

I love the Wild Frost workshops because there is always tons of flowers and foliage to choose from. I’ve heard of some workshops running out of stuff or there isn’t enough of one type of thing to go around but that’s never the case here so I can highly recommend them if you’re local. There’s a brief demo to start with to show you what to do if you’ve never made a wreath before and then you can just get stuck in!

Once I’d been given my cup of tea, I got cracking on adding the greenery, trying to make it as full as possible so there weren’t any gaps when I hung it. I’m so used to making a wreath with Nordic fir so it was strange to use the lighter foliage all over but I really liked the overall effect it gave and fir wouldn’t have really fit the season.

Once I had a good base, I set to getting the pretty stuff added on. There were lots of roses of different sizes and colours to use, plus the sweet little daisies, some double headed narcissus, anemones, sticks of blossom and lots of other things I didn’t know the names of! Louise is there all the way through to supervise and help you when you get stuck!

My general rule with wreaths is that if your door doesn’t groan when you’ve hung the wreath then you haven’t put enough on it! And thanks to the huge selection, there were so many pretty things to choose from that I eventually had to rein myself in before it got to the point I wouldn’t be able to carry it!!!

After a couple of times hanging it against the wall and stepping back to check for any gaps in greenery or flowers, I was done and really pleased with how it ended up!

I’d love to know if you’ve ever made a spring wreath before, if you’re on Instagram, please tag me in your pics – I’m always looking for inspiration!

2 thoughts on “Makes // The one with the spring wreath

    1. Hi, I don’t think she has any more spring ones booked in. If you’re on Instagram or Facebook you should follow Wild Frost for details of future classes


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