London // The one with the walk around Notting Hill

Part of the reason I started a blog was as a way of documenting some of the things I get up to.  I love to take photos wherever I go and rather than bore everyone on Instagram with hundreds of them, I’ll be doing more posts as a bit of a photo diary so I hope you enjoy them and they help at least person on with their own adventures!

This travelogue is about a recent walk around Notting Hill I had. I was going down to London for work and thought I’d combine it with meeting up with my brother but unfortunately he got stuck at work so I took a wander by myself. Unfortunately I somehow picked the hottest day of the whole summer (literally) to do it. With highs of 36C which is unheard of, I wished I’d waited for a slightly cooler day to do it but it was lovely nonetheless.

In case you were interested in knowing the route I walked, here’s a list of my stops after I arrived at Notting Hill Gate Tube Station.

  • Farmer Street
  • Hillgate Place
  • Jameson Street
  • Farm Place
  • Uxbridge Street
  • Pembridge Road
  • Portobello Road
  • Denbigh Terrace
  • Back onto Portobello Road
  • Chepstow Villas
  • Back onto Portbello Road, down through the road where the market is usually on (but it was a Thursday so no market)
  • Up to Westbourne Grove
  • Down to Nikki Tibbles Florist
  • Colville Road
  • Colville Terrace
  • Ledbury Road
  • Chepstow Cresent
  • Pembridge Road again with a little detour into Pembridge Mews
  • And back to Notting Hill Gate Tube Station before I headed off to work in Old Street

Although I’ve listed some of the places I walked through, there are soooo many cute little streets throughout Notting Hill so I encourage you to take a turn wherever your legs decide to take you!  Next time I’m down, I’d like to take more of a walk through the top part of Notting Hill but the heat on the day I was there stopped me from doing too much!

Here are just a few of the photos I took of the pretty spots I saw along the way.

Check out that unicorn!
Farmer Street
Hillgate Place
Pastel beauties

I loved this peachy number

Spotted this insta-famous house on Jameson Street – day made!

I always wonder if you have to coordinate your house colour with your neighbour? Are there “street rules”?
Not quite a turret but I’ll take it!
This corner house was so pretty, it reminded me of Greece with the white and blue colours and potted flowers
Callcott Street

One of my favourite houses in the area on Uxbridge Street
Wish I’d had time to stop here for lunch!
Portobello Road
Who knew a blue house with a yellow door would work so well?
Chepstow Villas – of course the pink one!

Portobello Road bright shop fronts

I couldn’t believe I spotted peonies that late in the summer!
Isn’t Nikki Tibbles florist just sooooo pretty?

Another famous door at the start of Lonsdale Road
Such a cute little well-kept car on Colville Road
*That* door on Ledbury Road
Spotted this pink hottie down Pembridge Mews
Never mind the peonies I spotted earlier – this late blooming wisteria smelt incredible!
Well I hope you enjoyed that little wander round Notting Hill and it’s inspired you to have your own adventure through these pretty streets. I’d love to know if you’ve been and if you think there are any spots I need to add to my list for next time!Nicole x

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