Christmas // The one with the Christmas wreath

If you’ve been reading my posts, you’ll know I love Christmas. I love everything about it. From the cosy nights in with twinkly lights on the tree, to the parties and lunchtime drinks with my work pals, to all the yummy treats and goodies that are on constant supply. But one of the things that make me feel the most Christmassy is having a beautiful wreath on my door. If you have indeed been reading, you’ll know I’ve made wreaths before by myself at home but with all the supplies needed for a full and festive door wreath I decided to attend a workshop run by the lovely Louise of Wild Frost. Louise runs two beautiful shops in Ramsey and Somersham in Cambridgeshire which are about 30 miles from where I live. This year she held a few workshops in various places in the local area and my friend Emma and I chose the one held in the 1940s camp in Ramsey because it was being held on 2nd December, early in the season, and I like maximum use of my Christmas decorations!

As usual Emma and I were the last ones to arrive owing to our perpetual lateness and the class was set up and it smelt absolutely amazing with all the foliage ready and waiting for us to get stuck in.

After drinks had been supplied (prosecco for Emma and Diet Coke for the designated driver) we were all given oasis wreaths and got started cutting off sprigs of blue spruce to line the outside rings of our wreaths like this:

After the blue spruce was all in place, we used other green foliage to continue to cover the oasis and add shape to the wreath. I wanted mine to be big and full so I used lots and lots of greenery.

Once the outside shape was sorted, Louise gave a demo on how to add small pieces of spruce to the middle, being mindful not to lose the gap in the middle too much. She also gave a further demo on adding more foliage onto the front of the wreath.

Here’s an action shot of Emma getting her wreath bulked out. And here’s another of mine once I was finished adding in all the foliage. I have no idea what all the different leaves were called but there was a lot to choose from in all different shapes and variations in colours.

Finally we got our last demo with Louise showing us how to add in the final fripperies. And what a selection she had! Dried oranges and apples, berries and bows, cinnamon sticks, roses, pinecones in two sizes and lots of ribbons in a range of festive colours. Whilst we were picking the bits we wanted to use, her two little helpers (her daughter and her friend) came round with more drinks, mince pies and tea cakes to keep energy levels up which was a lovely thought!

In keeping with the rest of my Christmas theme this year, I decided to stay simple with mini pinecones, white roses and some lovely little yellow bobble headed plants that I have no idea the name of! And to add a final burst of colour I went for some peacock blue ribbon which Louise fashioned into a wired bow for me that I was able to attach to the top of my wreath. This is me and Emma with our finished wreaths:

Not the most glamorous of pics of either of us (sorry Emma) but we were really chuffed with the results!

Although I arrived home in the dark I hung it on the front door straight away and wished for daylight to roll around so I could get some pics of it prettying up my entrance. And here it is in all its glory!

I think you’ll agree that it’s a bit of a bobby dazzler! If it wasn’t so cold outside I think I could sit outside and stare at it all day.

It’s important to remember to keep watering the oasis every few days to give it the best chance of lasting the season so you don’t get premature wreath grief!! I also might need to replace the roses as the month continues but a week in and they’re still looking fresh.

If you’re local to Peterborough or Cambridge I can highly recommend one of the Wild Frost workshops. It’s £49.50 and includes all the materials as well as refreshments. Not only do you get Louise’s expert tutelage but you get all of your materials and equipment needed to make the wreath. Best of all you end up with the most beautiful of wreaths which will make you the envy of all your neighbours.

So what are you waiting for? I think she might have a couple of spaces left for this year so check her out on Instagram or Facebook and get yourself booked on!

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