Christmas // The one with the Christmas tree

I’ll start this blog by sharing something about me that you will definitely be aware of if you know me in real life. I love Christmas. A lot. And this year I couldn’t wait to get the tree up. Especially as we decided for that, for the first time ever, we would get a real tree. From a Christmas tree farm no less! We decided to get the tree last weekend (yes I know it was still November) so the search was on to find a farm that was already open. Luckily there was one not too far away from us already open for business, Digby Farm in North Luffenham.

They had lots of trees already cut and netted in their yard but if I’d wanted one like that I would’ve just gone to the garden centre at the end of my road!

So off we went, wellies on, down to the field with all the trees, ready to pick the one we would be taking home. At first I panicked because they all looked so big and owing to our little cottage’s kooky layout and low 6’4″ ceiling, we only have a small corner for a tree, so I thought we might not find one.

But I came armed with a tape measure and prepared to hunt my tree down. We powered on, through all the trees, being mindful of the stumps from the trees which had already been chosen. Then all of sudden it appeared in front of us. The Goldilocks tree; not too tall, not too wide, not too sparse. We found The One!

So off we went back up the hill to get the chainsaw! And the man who was allowed to use it haha 🙂 Our tree was felled, brought back to the shop, trunk trimmed, netted and popped into the back of our car. We also picked up a tree stand, paid (a surprisingly bargaintastic £24!) and headed back home. I also wanted to get a tree skirt as the ones they had in the shop were a bit traditional looking for our taste so after a quick internet search, I found that Next had a beautiful snowy fur one which luckily they had in stock in our local shop! After that quick diversion, we took our tree back home and cracked on with getting it up and decorated.

I left the husband to get it into the stand and then I cut it out of the netting, and we started decorating it together.

Now I don’t know about you, dear readers, but I have acquired quite a few Christmas decorations over the years and last year I had a pathetic looking slim faux tree which I was so disappointed with that the only thing I could do to make it bearable was to throw every bauble available at it! But this year after taking the time to pick the perfect tree, I wanted to give it the care it deserved by carefully choosing which decorations to hang on it. After sorting through my Aladdin’s Cave of festive frippery, we decided to go for a mostly silver and white. Luckily I had a lot to choose from including some really special ones we’ve picked up from our holidays like the beautiful white bauble with little angels that we got from The Vatican when we were there over New Year last year, and one of the few colourful baubles on the tree, a padded velvet replica of the stained glass window in Notre Dame which we bought a few years ago on a pre-Christmas trip to Paris.

And to top it all off, I have a hand-knitted merino wool Santa hat from the very talented Lauren Aston of Lauren Aston Designs. All too often the weight of a tree topper causes the branch to wobble, bend or even buckle. But not this one! It’s absolutely perfect and works with pretty much any theme with its classic design.

I have to admit to being a bit of a perfectionist so after much fussing with the placement of the baubles and straightening of the skirt, we ended up with this total stunner of a tree which I have been staring at nonstop since it went up a week ago!

I would absolutely love to see everyone else’s trees and decorations so feel free to leave a comment below with any pics or tag me on instagram! Merry Christmas everyone!

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